Scot Silver


Scot Silver is a guitarist, singer, composer and bandleader who hails from Philadelphia. In addition to a solo career, Scot leads SHADES OF SILVER, a multi-faceted act able to tailor to most any situation. He also leads Adagio, a classical duo and Time Bandits, a progressive rock outfit.

Scot has had his music featured on radio, books on tape, corporate phone-on-hold, webcasts and multiple CDs. Scot was named ‘up and coming guitarist’ in Jazz Improv Magazine. As a writer, arranger, player and producer, Mr. Silver has garnered 5 well regarded CDs to date: Odyssey; Myles from Home; Shades of Silver; Kaleidescape and Flow.

Classical, Jazz, Rock…no musical stone left unturned.


Scot is available to play original, solo guitar music, or a variety of classical standards (check out Adagio for classical guitar and flute or guitar and violin).