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Shades of Silver was created by Scot Silver, an accomplished guitarist well-versed in multiple musical styles. Over his decades-long career, Scot has worked with most of the top musicians in the area in just about every corner of the music scene. Shades of Silver, created to provide the right music for any event, allows Scot to tap into this network to put together exactly the perfect ensemble for any occasion.

If you seek a jazz group, no problem. A rock and/or dance band? Done. How about a melding of music from the 40’s to today for a wedding or other special occasion? Look no farther, S.O.S. is all the help you will need. Shades of Silver is available from two to six pieces and can be combined to suit your needs.

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Jazz Improv Magazine CoverScot Silver is an accomplished guitarist/singer, well versed in multiple musical styles. Scot has been named “up and coming guitarist” in Jazz Improv magazine and holds multiple awards for his playing and writing. Over 2 decades performing, writing and recording, Scot has released 6 cds, ranging from solo guitar to jazz combos to original melodic rock. Scot has also ran a successful music school since 1996.

In addition to a solo career, Scot leads SHADES OF SILVER, a multi-faceted act able to tailor to most any situation. He also leads Adagio, a classical duo and Mindstorm, a progressive rock outfit. Scot has had his music featured on radio, books on tape, corporate phone-on-hold, webcasts and multiple CDs. As a writer, arranger, player and producer, Mr. Silver has garnered 5 well regarded CDs to date: Odyssey; Myles from Home; Shades of Silver; Kaleidescape and Flow.

Classical, Jazz, Rock…no musical stone left unturned.

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Jordan Schreiber
Jordan Schreiber has performed with the outfit for over 3 years now and is a vocalist and performer of the highest caliber. She may bring youth to the mix, but her voice is equally apt at the smooth and sophisticated sounds of jazz to the energy of rock and pop. Jordan and Scot have great chemistry on stage to boot.
Dave Miller
Dave Miller’s sax and EWI playing cannot be compared to anyone. Dave can make 1 note make you smile and cry in an instant. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a master of all 12 tones. Whether it’s melodic phrasing or a blissful flurry, he will leave you in awe. Funny and witty don’t hurt either. Dave lists Grover Washington and Dave Sanborn as a huge influences.
Eric Schreiber
Eric and Scot met at university together. Since that time their bond has only gotten stronger. “Eric is the Yin to my Yang….or vice-versa” says Scot. His talent knows no bounds. Always in the pocket and always fresh, Eric will leave you breathless.

You may remember Eric from his work with The Chuck Anderson Trio, Spring Rain, Chance, Whatsinaname, Entropic Bingo, Amnesty, and Horizon. He’s also been a teacher of electric bass performance and music theory for 15 years

Eric counts among his influences such diverse talents as Jaco Pastorious, Geddy Lee, John Pattituci, Tony Levin, Chris Squire, John Entwistle, Kansas, King Crimson, James Jamerson, John Cage, Richard Wagner, Vincent Persichetti, Bela Bartok and Bob Marley

Eric has studied with Chuck Anderson (composition, theory, and performance), breifly with John Pattituci (bass performance and jazz theory), Peter Paulsen, Dr. Larry Nelson, and majored in Music Education as well as Bass Performance at West Chester University.

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Coleen C.

Coleen brings a smooth sophistication to the mix. Her smile, professional nature and warm tone are infectious.  Coleen is equally apt at Sade to Pat Benatar,  She also enjoys new arrangements of classics, like Britney Spears with a latin twist. U2 will fall in love with Coleen.

Nic V.

Nicole is a force to be reckoned with. Sweet and unassuming, and then she let’s loose.  Amazing range and power round out this versatile performer. Stevie Nicks to Led Zeppelin, no problem. And oh my, wait till you hear her sing Joss Stone, unreal!  A lovely presence all around, let Nic V. fill your ears and hearts with her song.

Jim Briggs
Laying down the jazz trumpet after high school, Jim moved to Nashville where he was immersed in the outlaw and alt-country genres, which led him to pick up the guitar (“because I couldn’t find a good banjo teacher”). In his spare time, he leads the country band Jim Briggs and the Fugitives.

Whether acoustic or electric, Jim is frequently called upon whenerver Shades of Siver needs what Nigel Tufnel called “that extra little push over the cliff”. And of course, he’s ready to take lead for any song with the word drinkin’ in the title.

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Pat O'Shea
Pat O’Shea thunders onto our scene with precision and attentiveness to detail. Methodical brush work on the standards to unexplanable grooves on the latin and fusion material. Pat’s drum work takes on a whole new voice in the group. His interlooping parts carry the melody and harmony to new heights, if called upon. And to witness a Pat O’Shea drum break is to journey to the Himalayas, without the expense or risk. Noone can complement the rhythms of each player ‘on the fly’ like Pat and noone can take dynamics to new heights…………like Pat.
Pat’s top influences are Max Roach and John Bonham.
Ed Rick

Ed Rick

Experienced and versatile drummer who has played in a wide range of professional situations, in most styles. His insane skills, personality and band interplay are unparalleled.  Besides his playing, Ed devotes a good deal of time to his teaching practice and collection of drums and sales.

This video demonstrates some of the versatility of Shades of Silver in Jazz and Rock modes. A longer version of this video can be seen on YouTube.