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Shades of Silver was created by Scot Silver, an accomplished guitarist well-versed in multiple musical styles. Over his decades-long career, Scot has worked with most of the top musicians in the area in just about every corner of the music scene. Shades of Silver, created to provide the right music for any event, allows Scot to tap into this network to put together exactly the perfect ensemble for any occasion.

If you seek a jazz group, no problem. A rock and/or dance band? Done. How about a melding of music from the 40’s to today for a wedding or other special occasion? Look no farther, S.O.S. is all the help you will need. Shades of Silver is available from two to six pieces and can be combined to suit your needs.

Only the top musicians play in Shades of Silver……

Eric SchreiberEric Schreiber, bass/vocals has it all. Chops to die for and versatility to adapt to any style and situation. Eric is one of the most in-demand bassists in and around the Philadelphia area. He is on most of Scot’s cds, written with Scot, and has also been utilized on other acts projects thru the years. Eric and Scot met in University, and 30 years later, they are an unstoppable force.

Jordan Schreiber has performed with the outfit for over 3 years now and is a vocalist and performer of the highest caliber. She may bring youth to the mix, but her voice is equally apt at the smooth and sophisticated sounds of jazz to the energy of rock and pop. Jordan and Scot have great chemistry on stage to boot.

ChristineChristine Dragon brings her years of experience singing and entertaining small and large crowds. She is a warm and emotive vocalist and energetic performer. Her interaction with the audience and band can’t be beat.

Pat O'SheaNeil Moore, drums/vocals and Pat O’Shea, drums/percussion, can’t be ‘beat’, pun intended. Regardless of need, they are the backbone of the group. Neil and Pat have freelanced with numerous groups in the tri-state area, and garnered multiple awards in their own right. Pat, Neil, Eric and Scot are all experienced music teachers, over 20 years each. They understand music and what gets people groovin’.

Dave MillerDave Miller, saxophone and EWI, is all you can ask for in a brass and woodwind player. Taste, tone and musicality. Dave is the perfect sonic blend to Shades of Silver.

Jim BriggsJim Briggs, guitar/vocals brings his rootsy and country sensibilities to the outfit. Jim rounds out the harmonic infrastructure, as well as adds nuances to the tunes. Jim, Eric and Scot bring you 17 strings of power.

These and other stellar musicians are all part of the Shades of Silver team!

This video demonstrates some of the versatility of Shades of Silver in Jazz and Rock modes. A longer version of this video can be seen on YouTube.

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